Educational activities are organised by the Bologna Museum Institution Educational Services, together with Senza titolo srl and must be booked exclusively through the exhibition’s official call centre. All the activities include a tour of the exhibition.


Min 15 / max 25 persons
1 free person accompanying a group

– Guided tour for adults 100 € – Duration: 1 hr.
– Guided tour for adults in a foreign language 120 € – Duration: 1 hr.
– 10 € special reduced ticket for groups
– Visitors with disabilities pay for a ticket; the person accompanying them has free admission.

Booking through the call centre is obligatory

Microphone set and headphones are obligatory on guided tours for adults.  The service is included in the price of the guided tour.

It is obligatory for self-guided groups to rent a microphone set and headphones, at a cost of 30 €.

Advance booking fee: 1.50 € for each ticket booked.

Guided tours for small groups
From 2 to max 15 pax

– group tickets € 10
– one free ticket
– visit at a special price of € 80
(special agreement for Africa Social Club subscribers: € 70 instead of € 80).

Guided tours for small groups with their own guide
From 2 to max 15 pax

– full ticket
– one free ticket
– microphone set obligatory for 2 to 5 people, above 5 people (including guide) microphone set at a cost of € 30.

Header picture: Statue Soninke Mali, 55 cm, A.D. 1240 – 1410 | Private collection © Frédric Dehaen, Bruxelles